To create the most Criminally Delicious and Functionally Nutritious protein bars on the market while raising awareness around our mass incarceration issues and providing employment opportunities for people with criminal histories. 

About Us

Seth is a former professional basketball player, a former branch manager of a national mortgage and finance company, and a former inmate in Federal Prison. He served five years for tax fraud and the majority of the time he worked in the prison kitchen. There he saw first hand how poor the nutrition was so started making protein bars himself in prison. He sold these bars to other inmates and when his sentence was complete he walked out of prison with a box of bars in his pocket and that's how Inside-Out Bars were born.  


What we do

We make the best tasting protein bars, and then we pour the most bioavailable pre and probiotics into them to help rebuild the good gut microbiome in your system without the need to take pills or other supplements; while giving back and creating employment opportunities for the 25 (and growing) men and women with criminal histories who need a second chance throughout our entire supply chain.