The Feel Good Probiotic Protein Bar



Inside-Out Bars are awesome! And, as a former instructor of Krav Maga & fitness, I endorse the health benefits.

Ed K.

Just got my new Inside-Out Bars a few days ago and tried both flavors. These bars are the bomb! I'd seriously put both flavors in the top 4 best-tasting bars that I've ever bought

Charles A.

I just tried the cranberry almond bar, it's my new favorite snack! It's beyond delicious. 

Megan G.

Very tasty. My 4yr old loves them and I as a parent feel great about giving them to her, kid approved!

Deanna F.

I can’t stop eating them! I love the healthy ingredients and the probiotics I get from each one, I've stopped buying separate probiotic supplements.

Will A.

I got my sample pack like an hour ago and I already ate one of each...Them things were good for real! Next time I'ma have to eat the Peanut Butter first, cause I ain't never want that Cranberry taste to leave my mouth lol. 

Aaron O.

It’s hard to believe something this good was inspired from inside prison. What an amazing bar!

Scott M.

I'm obviously biased- these are my favorite bars on the market, but I can't get my 11 year old to take any supplements. She loves the Peanut Butter Choco Chip flavor though, eat up Ava!   

Seth S.

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